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She Can Dance

[Verse 1]
Standing in the doorway of my empty childhood room
Wearing a shirt I've had since I was seventeen
I can see her curly hair and posters on the wall
And when I check the mirror, I see her in me

Always late and always loud
Couldn't seem to figure out a way
To be enough for them to notice
Second choice and second best
Couldn't say the things she meant
Or find the missing pieces that were broken
But she could dance, dance, dance
Even when it's raining
When the sky was falling down
Yеah, she could dance, dance, dancе
With no music playing
Like nobody's watching now
She could dance
She could dance

[Verse 2]
I've seen bathrooms bigger than my old fourth floor apartment
Where I lived the year that I dropped out of school
Seven dollar coffees and the romance of the city
Where you think you won't get hurt until you do

Always tall and always proud
Couldn't seem to figure out a way
To keep the ones she loved from leaving

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Date Added: 2022-07-25
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