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Shit (Remix)

Cocaine sticking to the pyrex
Lito, no I aint sipping on no hot tea
I said Im on the land tryin to buy that
What you mean we aint got lean, we supply that nigga
Lead to the dog food, try that nigga
The recompress sticking to the side
Women on the line tryinto feel it in their spine
Mob something, let my nigga gunner kill it from behind

Hold up
Rule number one, look it aint no rule
Rule number two, cant dog lose
If the dope dont come back what you gonna do?
If the nigga aint answering that mean you got whoo
Finesse, stretch, heaven to the best
Fuck the rest I dont get tired
Lying on the grind all the time, life on the line
Lose my mind fore I forget my heater

Trapback gang in my section, Ferrari off the exit
Washington, Im flyin
Hater gonna kill it, nigga want to go, bye
Nigga try to whip me, brrrra
Jump back on the interstate, Im headed to the nine

Better hit me, say he need another nine
Nina drop me off in the Calio with Bub
Say Kiera waiting on him with the candles by the tub
If she try to set him up, then her parents getting drugged
Out in bucket, with my nigga boss tan up the country
Shooters in the den, rubber band up the money
You know mine, get her signed then we coming
Fletch got the idea out a bundle and a huddle
No discussion if a nigga think it's funny then he busted
Did on the muscle, I aint ever pay a

Bitch ass nigga, man whats wrong with them?
Most dont believe in god, Im the wrong nigga
AK47 with the chrome in it
This a swing back stock, think I wont send it?

100 round drum, yeah Im long winded
My nigga chasing commas got a long sentence
Old bitch, he know that I dont get along with her
The money long gone, so she dont visit
Me, myself, and I, never finish
Back to Tennessee with Arizona midget
Lower ticket, bank roll, hundred gang
The bails in twenties
I need every penny, got my scale and an extended

Chopper got a stand, half a man, thats a midget
Poking holes, smoking dope, off the cake and they hit it
Lito get the C note that they ran with the digit
Ask can I take a piss, sprayed the blam, thats a semi
Kill them pussy!

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