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Sick (woooow)
(psyco logical street villians volume one brand new shit)
Ill bill and Necro! Check it out
Brand new, exclusive shit
Pay attention

[Ill Bill]
The music business [?] faggots and idiots
[?] branche to villians pussys beated to pants from periods
We're street villians just another word for goons
Big black gats and braincells burned from shrooms
The futurist speaks now forever hold your heat clothes
Meat holes with pretty faces and deep throats
Blow alone, leave him alone i sell us a blow
And when they ask me for free coat, i telle them no
Tellin them story walking, banging [?]
Catch me walking with porno bitches off [?]
Circel of tyrants the gore mayhem violence [?]
Ten year mission, my music for scumbags
Murderes and monsters, violent monsters cop killers
Live in kansas, so much weed call us to join the chieffs his staf
Creeps with masks murder you for no reason fag!

Freaking different voices
Rocking the wig it's America so i can snuff you and shoot you like our choice is
With the freedom to reach in my holster and unleashe
Dum, dum, that wil fling you into the air higher then Hashid, so move you're frame back fuck, kapish
Cause [?] i'm bringing burners to studio sessions for sound effects, rocking a disguise incognito
Kodo bushido [?] torpedo blasting your broken bones aikido
You can't decipher it and what will bludgeon my enemy's skull and stik a knife in it
Cause what Hip-Hop shit i'll die for it
Without music i'm dead only thing that comes my head, except we see some head, we see from bret sleeping in bed
I was borned bend see more death then a corps dead
My brains bin warped way before you knew what the word ment
Schocking you like electricity to the tits, i'm on a deathbed with ten diseases now who is sick?

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