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Sk Shit

talking:leggo ok ok ok ok yeah ok ok ok ok ok ok leggo uhn

VERSE:if it aint stuck in yo head then imma beat it in runnin through the green like my nast name peterson thomasin ladanian bitch this is my stadium if they say defeat while in my leather seats im suede'n em i fuck up..(backup) if aint stuck in yo head then imma beat in runnin through the green like my last name peterson thomasin ladanian bitch this is my stadium if they say defeat while in my leather seats im suede'n em i fuck'd up persuade'n em ballin in the game like a player thats created and three dikes and im fadin' em rap unleashin' demons yet i sing like im arcadian realest nigga living walk in a badd bitch and her body fake as shit Super-Cali-Fragil-Istic-Expi-Ali-Docious think i might just call yo chick and say i want my toes kissed tell yo baby momma i will pay to get her nose fixed her breast too A B C D E F you im special the best and you are errthing thats left of that im gone take it all while you while you get whatever's left of that im next at bat so throw that shit im cold as shit you bogus bitch you know this shit is over with matter who you go and get all you niggas slow as shit i turn these women on like my name was motecontroller bitch jumpin on this track such a locust diss the money shoutin' haters outta focus pussy niggas need to change their gender boy im colder than december your nothin' to forget and i am somethin' to remember eatin' this fuckin track like there were nothin' here for dinner attentions what we all want i am in the center and its rightful im spiteful i found out who you wife'd fool thats just to get up in her say they the shit but i run the sewer im master splinter i only want for bitch niggas to exit when i enter you see i am a major crash you just a finder bender no contenders you so limber see im stiffted and my mistress is this rap shit i came in with my main bitch we live in peace and harmony but this rap hoe flow so cold i swear its like she callin me fuck the way you thought of me im nothin like you thought i'd be thats even if you follow me appreciative you oughta be cannot what you want of me im mostly in the A thats if you wannabe's wanna see i dont respect authority you can catch me overseas pretty women notice me and fall like some autumn leaves guess they think alot of me everything you oughta be my money is a part of me so fuck you and your policies sometimes i get the feelin' i am the peoples property life is crazy complicated then i smoke alot of weed drink alot of liquor have alot of sex addictive lifestyle it'll prolly be the death of me hope my momma never hear this shit and then think less of me you dont knnow how this pressure be i guess i got some stress in me times i wanna spaz show the world the kanye west in me but fuck it imma star the american dream like we not out and t.i. smoking the canadian green im higher than a latin and his arabian queen carpet in the sky told you i was fly came to knock em down so i love the way they lie i run this enterprise got a complicated mind and i dumb it down for you stupid niggas every time im sicker every line they wish that id decline but i stay on the grind baby bad brakes haters im the shit wont you tell me how my ass taste ricky bobby daddy say if you aint first you last place movin' at a fast pace you niggas is butts call em ash trays wanna be the mothafuckin' man you can ask trey murder in the first my accomplice is sk on the track we killt this shit

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