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SKIT: One night in a strange city

[Jimin] He's always late, should I say something?
[Jin] Ah, say something
[Suga] Say something in behalf of Bangtan
[Jin] Right, right
[Jimin] I'll say something for the leader-hyung
[V] Hey, hey! Stop coming late!
[Jin] Right, right
[Rap Monster] (Knock on the door, bell rings) Hey! Jung Hoseok! Jung Hoseok!
[All] He's here
[Suga] Go open the door
[All] Say something
[Suga] Seriously we need to say something
[Rap Monster] Say something what? What
[J-Hope] He's here, he's here
[V] Jimin-ie is going to say something
[Jimin] Hyung, I thought about it but don't you think that you've gone over the line a little?
[Suga] What is? What? What?
[Jimin] Don't you think you're coming a little too late these days?
[Rap Monster] Wow, what are you saying?
[Suga] I personally think that is completely understandable considering he's the leader
[J-Hope] LOL
[Rap Monster] Am I not human?
[Jimin] Why are you being like this to me?
[Rap Monster] Who do you think you are?
[J-Hope] Ugh, I'm so tired
[Jungkook] Namjoon-hyung is leader-hyung, he gets privileges
[Jin] Exactly, the leader suffers so much
[V] Leader-hyung suffering, (mumble mumble)
[Jimin] I'm sorry, I think I'm the wrong
[V] I'm sorry we're (V & Jimin) are same age friend as well, ugh
[Rap Monster] Yeah, things are hard for me these days, ah my shoulders hurt
[V] We've finished now
[J-Hope] Is your shoulder right?
[Rap Monster] Ah, I don't know
[Jungkook] Wow, I almost feel asleep while washing up
[Jin] I don't know why but I feel like that is possible
[Rap Monster] Yeah, you did that the other time
[J-Hope] Hey, but kids
[Jin] Just like sitting on the ground or something
[Rap Monster] When I saw before V looked like he was going to die maybe that's why he wasn't singing?
[Jungkook] But I surprisingly get a lot of motivation support from V-hyung
[V] Quit it
[Jimin] LOL
[V] Ah, seriously stop being like that
[Suga] Yeah you looked like you were having a rough time
[V] Ah I said stop it
[Rap Monster] You must have had such a hard time
[V] Ah! Seriously!
[J-Hope] Not doing the dance properly as well
[Jin] Yeah
[J-Hope] But seriously today ''I Need U'' was so great
[Jungkook] Dope! Dope! It was awesome!
[J-Hope] Oh yeah Dope! Dope was the best
[V] Okay, yeah, they're all great but, don't you think "Danger" was a killer?
[Jin] Danger
[Rap Monster] Okay, but with ''I Need U'', I can't even imagine how would it have been like if the ''I need u girl'' bit wasn't in it
everyone sings along to it, ''I need u girl'' you know that bit
[J-Hope] Suga-hyung wasn't even like rapping at the beginning
[Jin] Yeah, Yeah, Suga wasn't
[Rap Monster] Suga-hyung wasn't rapping at all
[Jin] He was just like holding the microphone
[V] Suga-hyung was just doing stuff like this
[Suga] Hey hey hey, I'll just say one thing
[Rap Monster] He's really just half-assing it
[Suga] Please just piss off
[J-Hope] Lol
[Suga] If you don't even want to do that
[Rap Monster] You just wanted to say that didn't you?
[Jin] That means that your voice didn't come out in ''I Need U''
[J-Hope] It came out well, that's for sure
[Jimin] I felt good, though, to be honest when Suga-hyung didn't rap but everyone sang along anyway
[Jin] Okay but imagine this
[Rap Monster] There were so many people there as well and it just felt so good
[Jin] We just opened our eyes but we're practicing for ''No More Dream'' in the training room, how would you feel?
[Jimin] No, no, I'm not going back
[V] No them, I'm just to go down a different path
[Jin] Yep okay, you do down another road
[Rap Monster] That's it, you are doing ''No More Dream'' right now only eating chicken breast
[Jin] No no no no, I can't
[Rap Monster] You are with that cold argilla chicken breast
[V] Seriously the manager-hyung. What about the scene where you secretly tried to have salt with the chicken breast and got
[Jin] Oh no, no no no no
[Rap Monster] My perm hair
[Jin] Like seriously, this is just like all a dream and ''I Need U''. ''I Need U '' is all a dream
[Suga] But seriously
[Rap Monster] But sometimes it does seem like a dream
[Suga] But it's not just that
[J-Hope] Don't say things like that!
[Rap Monster] Back in the day I used to eat World Cone but now I'm doing world tours
[Suga] Ah fainting, ugh okay
[J-Hope] What is that
[Jin] Your sense of humor had significantly dropped
[Suga] These things get cut out immediately
[V] With one song
[Suga] Okay but seriously, this could all be a dream, like to be honest there were lots of artists that did well in Korea
[Rap Monster] That's true
[Suga] I always think you should do well with one song first then go further but I'm a little bit anxious because it's not like our title song has come out yet or anything
[Rap Monster] That's true
[Jin] Ah this kid has a talent in bringing down the mood
[J-Hope] Suddenly... it's almost like the titanic
[Jin] Yep
[Rap Monster] Right before it sinks
[Jin] It's been overthrown
[J-Hope] Ah, Yoongi-hyung just happens to say something like this, really bursts the bubble
[Jin] I know right
[Jimin] "The title hasn't even come out yet''
[J-Hope] I know right, ''the title songs hasn't even... ''
[V] No wait! Okay, so the title just has to come out well, right?
[Jin] Yeah
[V] Yeah then just like make it well, huh? Release it and boom it will be a hit again. So easy amirite?
[All] Lol
[Rap Monster] Hey you should just go to bed
[Jin] Yeah, you suit being asleep better
[Jimin] You usually don't say anything
[Rap Monster] At this point I want to ask Hobi, say something about your expectations for our music this time round
[Jin] Hobi, what do you think?
[J-Hope] I think we'll do well
[All] Lol
[Rap Monster] Noo
[V] Lol shut up shut up you guys are so loud
[Suga] Yeah we're not going to do well
[Rap Monster] But kids, out youth is bright
[Suga] Oh ya
[Rap Monster] When we go to Korea! Bang-Pd-Nim will have prepared incredible tracks for us
And us? We just have to add our talent on the top of it!
[Jimin] Why are you being like this?
[Jin] We can say no no to our worries
[Rap Monster] Ah but worries
[All] Hahahaha
[Jin] Why why why
[Rap Monster] Okay but the reason why I think we don't have to worry is that, even today we performed in front of 5000 people

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