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You know what I'm saying this shit wild mane
Look look whole amount to fuck, that's all I gotta say
I got a cup in my hand hear that?
That's ice that's patron equals a god damn motherfucking party mane
Look I'm from Memphis dog I don't bullshit dog
Niggas in Memphis ain't bullshit mane
We ain't got to be playing around with them motherfucking hoes mane, you know what I'm saying?
Bitch gonna have to get their pussy up mane you know what I'm saying?
I need to get that chewing and I ain't finna here bullshitin'
With that fuck shit I need to gets that you know what I'm saying?
But uh play that shit my nigga I fucks with you, you my nigga but at the end of the day
Bitch gonna get their pussy up (Laughs)

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