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Slow Dance (Oh Girl)

Club sentence in the places where we gather at
Slow dancing and it's feeling like we havin' sex
Broke niggas, gold diggers, noet sippers
We pour chrisif coke dealers with gold glitter
I'm in the party like, feel like it's my party
I'm retawdid, excuse me, sorry
This is our party
Let the light hit off the ice and give a bright shimmer
Like to remember nice adgendas with a slight difference
Made moves like Malcom X you know with white women
And if you interested I might just spend the night with you
The right venture we ventured all for scented fragrance
Possessiveness is restricted key get a Covent
Kids sick of waiting, then he get the pacin'
Could see me kissin' on her navel - naked - making faces
We hold hands, no frantic romancin'
Fight the feelin, oh I remember we slow dancing


Say you was walkin' found another nigga smell like me
Gucci by Gucci blowing limbs, breath smell like weed
But probably just my teeth
The rest smell like lean
Oh that's your room-mate room-mate?
That don't mean a thing
On this patron, this my song
I don't even drink
I'm stuntin with this cup
So they could see my watch
See what I mean? This bitch bling
Now release my watch
Feelin slender
Party ended at like 2 o'clock
On top the roof, Gates
I mean the roof top
Timberland winter gear, could see the whole bridge from here
'You gotta come with me forreal' whispered in her ear
'If you ain't comin' now, we ain't got to talk it off
Get your keys, get a friend for her to drop you off
Passing you these drinks I ain't tryna tap you off
Having trouble with your buckle, help you get it off
No pillow talk I got a girl just tryna get you off'


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