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Smoke That Bitch

[Hook: Juicy J x2]
Purple kush, smoked that bitch
Sour Diesel, smoked that bitch
OG Kush, smoked that bitch
If it don't hit like Cali, I don't smoke that shit

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
So high in the sky, I'm a astronaut
I'm super getting my nigga call me juicy laugh a lot
This weed that I'm smoking on, you gon' have to cough
That weed that you smoking on, you gon' have to stop
That shit will make you feel high up way up on a hill
And if ya wanna come down, pop a seal
Mix it in the cup, sip it up
12 zips, 12 bottles of gin, I'm in love

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: VABP]
Kush I don't like are the mix in the morning
Bitches everywhere, blunts gut in the corner
15 beans fell out almost caught em
But I was on the phone, talking to yo daughters
Pussy ass nigga I'm high as fuck and
Kush ain't cuz the fucking ocean
Roll another one, fuck that other one
You might go [?]
Pimps are the loud, ya know what we bout
If ya nigga ain't dead
He ain't coming out my mouth
Money talking nigga I don't care for a friday
And every days a payday
And every blunt is [?]
And every bitch is light side

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: VABP]
Niggas getting high, I mean hella high
We in the studio smoking hella high
Weed got me going, I'm in Popeye
I'm still smoking strong, I mean loud loud
Riding through yo hood nigga know this a traphouse
Only 1 rule that a nigga kept die by
My niggas at yo door doe, that's a suicide
Your my brotha doe, and he down to ride

[Hook x2]

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