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So fresh

You already know young millionaire

Im so fresh im so clean, im the freshest you ever seen
Ever seen, ever seen,x2
Im so fresh, im so clean, hey, in my robin jeans
Im so fresh, im so clean, im the freshest you even seen
Riding in that beamer in my robin jeans

Im the freshest bitch you ever seen
Pull up to the club and im flexing with my fucking team
Hey soulja
Pull up in a paronoma and I got a new range rover
Mixing cocaina from Cuba with baking soder
Flip it with my wrist im so fucking clean
Pull up to the club in a brand new jeans
Masareti like its a 100 kis
Young soulja boy you know I killed the beam
Im so fresh, im so fucking rich
Riding around the city with your bitch
And you know that she is sucking dick
SM BMV im with the shit


Im so fresh, im so clean, im the freshest you ever seen
Pull up in that club and all the bitches all up on a g
All these niggas know young soulja I can whip a ki
Sell a nigga dope if he want it it ain't shit to me
If you try me all my squad'll leave you history
Smoking on this dope boy you know I got the best with me
I be getting high every weekend every week
Bitches all on me I just wanna see some freaks
Soulja boy bitch you know I get it free
I be selling dope coke lean everything for cheap
Young dre riding through the hood and he notice me
SOD on MG till I R.I.P

Young millionaire bitch, in the motherfucking building, instagram dot com slash @souljaboy twitter dot com slash @souljaboy, SOD and MG dot com, boulevard suply dot com, bitch you already know what it is nigga, we killing shit nigga, young millionaire, the album, young millionaire the movie, young millionaire the album young millionaire the movie, its going the fuck down man you already know what it is, from kansas city, to motherfucking texas, all the way back to LA, motherfucking Atlanta, at New York, its a motherfucking real movement going down you feel me? Already know shoutout to memphis tenesse shoutout to missisipi, man this gang shit man this shit going a long way man, SOD on MG stacks on deck money game man, [?]luke motherfucker to all over the world niggas, get money salute to the real, SOD on MG nigga you feel me? shoutout to my motherfucking real SOD nigga, niggas already know what it is nigga, Ac on deck nigga pour up, lean nigga, young rich nigga shit man, this is for all my young niggas, man flicks up man , turn up man run a check up man, bands for my young niggas man, we turning up man instagram at class thats soulja boy fuck all of you man fuck with a niggas lifestyle, man, you know, we killing shit bruh, this shit gonna keep growing man 2014 was a big year man, loev and hip hop man, every monday you feel me? love and hip hop hollywood, every monday VH4 man you know a young nigga pulling up you know im doing what im doing, niggas asking like soulja why

Idgaf soulja just give me the next song

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