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So Strung Out (extended Version)

Intro:Now I'm all alone sittin in my room I'n a cornerstarrin at the wall and I'm wishin I was on amission but I'm fishing in an empty bowlcocain got my brain and I'm sweatin' cause I'm ice coldhold on for a minute what's that soundraise up to my feet paranoid look' in all aroundup down on the ground is it realitydamn I always feel like somebody's watchin menow let me find another plan lockin' for a plotlookin' for the man with the sack to get gotshot lay him down cause it don't be makin' me nonecocain on my brain and I gotta' get me some-!!Chorus:I'm so strung out and now I don't know what to doshould I just take my life awaydear God or will you pull me through?I'm so strung out some how my lifehas gone astrayso as I lay me down to sleepplease Lord now take my soul away!ohh ohhho ohhho / ohh ohhho ohhhoAnother mystery sittin in another roomat twelve noon I hope somethinghappen soon I'm crawlin still burningmy knee' at 45" degreesI'm saying please let it be somethingin a form of a rock I can't stopcause the spot getting hot tick tockI see the devil clearer in my past it can't lastbecause I'm running out of casha stash I remember from Decembermy mind gone blank and it could havebeen November now as I feel my self blinkI look at the world one time and then I thinkChorusI'm so strung out, I don't know what to doshould I take my life away dear Godor will you pull me through, will youpull me throughI'm so strung out,I'm so strung outI know that you know that youliving real trifleso lay down that pipe andpick back up your lifejust take it away.please god just takeit away won't youjust give another day to me

Date Added: 2008-03-21
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