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Sohni ft. deep c

Jad Khir Khir Hasdee Eh
Bari Sohni Lagdi Eh
Jad Naina Naal Nain Milondee
Dil Vich Vasdi Eh
Husna Di Sarkar Oh
Sadey Dil Te Kargayee Var Oh
Gallan Kariye Do Char Ve
Aaj Na Kar Inkaar Tu
Dil Da Ki Haal Eh
Kida Dasa Tenu Mein
Akhar Gavaachgaye
Dil Nu Na Ave Chain
Dil Na Sayee Puch Nain Nu
Lab Taras Gaye Kuch Kain Nu
Kina Pyaar Soniye
Karde Asi Tenu Ve
Dil Sada Bol Da
Mann Ki Soche Ve
Ik Pasay Hun Mein Haa
Doojay Pasay Tu Ve
Ah Kol Lagja Manmoniye
Ajj Na Kar Inkaar Tu
3 (Deep C)
The Sound Of Your Laughter
Takes My Pain Away
When My Eyes Meet Yours Baby
In My Heart You Stay
Cuz' Your Beauty Got My Mind In A Whirlwind
Talk To Me Baby Let Me Make You My Girlfriend
Give Me A Chance To Show You What The World Is
I Believe In You So You Are What I Worship
We Can Cruise Around The World In A Tour Ship
Anything You Want Baby Let The Love Flourish
Your The Woman That I Wanna Grow Old With
The Thought Of Not Hearing Your Voice
Making Me So Sick
Times I Feel Lost But I'm Focused
See A Bright Future Do You Wanna Have Four Kids
Some People Look To Religion And God
I Believe In Love And Got Faith In Ours

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