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Sold My Soul

I'm contemplating suicide torn from all my prideA man tells me, son that ain't the wayGonna make a deal with you childGonna live another dayJust sign right here sonEverything will be alright[CHORUS:]*Oooo-ohAin't nothing I wouldn't do*Oooo-ohAll & everything for you*Oooo-ohYour love is all I know and ever knew*OoooTherefore I have sold my soul for you*Oooo-oh*Oooo-ohI was told by this man it would be worth my whileHe'd return me to my womanReturn me to my smile ----It's all I ask for in this lifeWhatever's wrong son he told me he'd make rightJust sign right here childEverything going to be alright[CHORUS]All for you[SOLO]Just sign right here sonEverything going to be alright[CHORUS][OUT SOLO]
Zakk Wylde Sold My Soul

Date Added: 2007-12-26
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