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Southern Girl

[Verse 1]
Now I ain't sayin' them LA ladies don't know what they're doing
And I been in love with New York City a time or two
I had some Seattle coffee, some Chicago wind
Some Kansas sweet fields I'd love to see again
But the fireflies play where the cattails grow
And them southern girls, they talk nice and slow with

Kisses sweeter than Tupelo honey
Little bit crazy like New Orleans
Memphis blue and Daytona sunny
Soft as cotton in some cutoff jeans
Don't you know
Ain't nothing in the whole wide world
Like a southern girl


Southern girl rock my world
Hazel eyes and golden curls
Put on a country song
We'll dance all night long

[Verse 2]
A southern girl's mama probably taught her how a lady should act
But a southern girl's probably got a barn somewhere reared out back
She'll get a little hay in her hair, her tires in the mud
She's been caught in the rain, and washed in the blood
Likes cherries in her coke, takes a little sip
Comes over to me with them sunburned lips and them


If you've ever seen Savannah heat up when the stars come out
Well, then, fellas, come on, you know what I'm talking about


[Hook: Repeat 'till the end]

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