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Space (PhatHeads Remix)

Here we come
South White is the sights, you might have heard
If the word ain't fillin the streets that beat the third
The fourth the fifth already
Make my belly get sick
The way you talkin so loud
Who you rollin with?
Poor coward, you're sweet and sour
Let me introduce you to a friend of ours
You better look both ways before you cross this road
You wanna tangle with the boys
What you waitin fo'?

You flawless, and raw hits with all kick
BMC’s, P.O.D. raw as rockets
You spark it on targets regardless
Not this, rock this, we the hardest
You lawless, and all kids in the darkness
Choice is yours, but you don’t really wanna start this
Your monsters that haunt your act hardest
You rhyme quick, cuz you’re harmless and heartless

I’m the QU double
Looking for the trouble
Married to the street, so you can’t knock my hussle
Oooo, (that kid he's so grimy)
We gonnna rock this jam with my brother Tim beside me
No matter what the deal, I stay gutter
So much ice, I make 'em stu-stu-stutter
One up to the South from your dog Queenie
(Peace to the gods) and peace to P.O.D

They want the fire, I heard they want the fire
And I'm the powder keg and I'll blaze like a lighter
And when I detonate it I bet it fade to black
That's a wrap, now evacuate
The explosion
Oh it's so sick when I'm rolling and get to pouring out this emotion
I'm holding devotion unfolding (huh)
Payable On Death, create flows, resurrect the West

I played my cards so let me say what I gotta say
A hard-hitter, go-gitter, get up out my way
Little wind of me in South Bay
I'm a Warrior, and I'm comin' outta play-ay
Who's on top now, got it locked down
Came to show you how we do it in the Southtown
Te quiero miedo P.O.D., we the right team
South side, San Diego, 619

Don't be mad that your round, top-notch
And this girl got a gift in this thang, hip-hop
Battle name that tournament applause the cause;
And the men all pause at the Klymaxx bars
And my crew call me "Bush" 'cause I drop dem bombs
And my A-game's fierce with my game face on
I get pissed off a lot, but still life goes on
And I've been all around the world, it's the same old song

Street tested, Diego approved
Make your move, my crew we're living proof
From the bottom to the top, top to the bottom
We got 'em on lock, and lock is how we got 'em
Gave birth to this game, paid dues for the name
If your trend's 'bout to end then I'ma send it away
I was built for this moment, I own it, I take the blame
Keep talkin' real big and watch me do big things

We the hard rock, Southtown be the block
Unorthodox, redefine the culture shock
Knock 'em out shoes and socks, tick-tock
Come down on your watch, so you better not mock
The rap and the rock, the freaks and the jocks
Make true hip-hop without the pop
That same for the suckers who try to block
I will rise to the top, now watch the kids flock to me

It's Tribal brothers, Southern blocks of full color with my homies
Yeah you know we live and die for each other
So warriors (warriors), come follow me from the school of hard knocks: Southtown, S.D
And this vision got an image of this Babylon breathing
Draw the line for the wise I be seeking Paco Paco Mansin
Stray bullets of the blue sky
Set my eyes to Zion, and take it worldwide

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