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Space Cadet

I am a space cadet, the geek, that real (Yeah, whatever)
Woah (I love all you animals)
Yeah (Woah)
I'm on my own level

I know you hear me calling (Woah)
I don't do this often (Lil Uzi, what?)
I'm not used to stallin' (Yeah, woah)
I'm just used to cake
[Verse 1]
This shit Bionicle (This shit Bionicle, ayy)
I'm at the tippity top of my pinnacle (Ayy, I'm at the tippity— ayy, get it)
I'm underwater like I'm Squidward Tentacles (Woah, I'm under water, ayy, yeah)
She suck it on molly, now watch how I finish (She suck it on molly, now watch how I finish, molly)
I pulled up (Woah), Bentayga, he got a lil' kit too (Tank, ayy, brrt)
I pulled out a .40 (Yeah), it got a lil' kick to it (I got a lil' .40, yeah, ayy)
I called up my woadie (Woah), likе damn it, like 6'2" (I called up my woadie, yеah, ayy)
And if you been defeated, you know she gon' lick you (Ayy, yeah, what?)
We can partly go half (Woah), yeah, I'm tryna get lit too (We can partly go half, yeah, I'm tryna get lit too, ayy, come on)
I'm so outer space (Yeah), I'm off of molly and sticks too (Yeah, slatt)
If we aim at your body (Woah), I swear we won't miss you (Lil Uzi, woo)
Say that girl got a body (Yeah), I'm screamin', "I miss you" (Mwah)

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Date Added: 2022-07-25
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