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Sticks & stones (hurt me)

Turned to a whole different person, drive my whip
Crash my whip off the drugs i'm swervin

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But the drugs won't hurt me, the drugs won't hurt me
Ex girlfriend keeps calling my phone
But the bitch can't hurt me, so im not worried
All alone, did it on my own
So i show no mercy show, I show no mercy
With my bros but I got my pole screaming please don't urge me, please dont urge me, yuh
Screamin please don't urge me
And fuck these hoes all they do it urk me
I smoke my dope and i pop my perky
And l lock my phone cus these hoes be lurkin, yuh
Yeah these hoes be lurking
A bad lil bitch with her hips so curvy
I drive my whip off the drugs im swervin
She ride my dick off the drugs she swervin, woah

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