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Sticks In My Bun

I done put sticks in my bun
So they recognize me when I come
I'm DMC like run
Listen mammi I'm the muhfuckin one

You don't like me you just like my flow
Just booked a show but I might not go
Nigga said he didn't have a pole for my ho
Damn why a nigga tryna fuck up my dough?

When it come to me every light say go
They tell me to stop but I'm like hell no
Now everybody watch my M.O
Nicki been hot since you rock shell tops

Ha ha ha ha
Gotta laugh at that
Bitch give me the ball I'm a pass it back
Spit nothin but crack got bags of that
When it come to rap I master that

[Hook] x2

You can spot me from a mile away
Nicki sexy any time of day
Word on the street is that I'm chinese
No lil mama I'm just high off haze

Don't fuck a dude if a dude don't pay
Don't suck a dude if a dude dirty
When it come to you gotta look purty
Sit up in the booth get your weave curly, hey

Sim simma
Pass me the keys to my beemer
Wish I had a booty like Trina
Nigga get your green up
Stay in the sky like Nina
Flights to Japan, Tiran and Korea

[Hook] x2

[Ad Libs]
I gotta laugh at these bitches
These bitches can't be serious!

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