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Still Here

(feat. C-Town)

I be a Harlem World party pleaser
You might find me on 1-3-9 sippin a Bacardi Breezer
That's where I rest at, killin tracks is what I'm best at
Jealousy, I expect that, I don't stress that
I want a cutie with some tight jeans on, that I can scheme on
Treat her nice, take her out and trick some cream on
TV screens all over the U.S. I'm seen on
It ain't all about me, I'm tryin to put my team on
Because it's good to have a crew to lean on, mics I fiend on
You think you can do it like this? Dream on
I'm a, chrome my rims and ice my chain
Fly clothes and pretty hoes is the price of fame

[Big L:]

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