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Stone Rolling

Pipe that shit up, TnT

Uh, he's a rolling stone (Yeah), he's a rolling stone
Long as the wind blows, I'll be long gone (Yeah, long gone)
He's a rolling stone (Rolling stone), he's a rolling stone (Yeah, yeah)
Drive for many miles and roads and still can't find my, my home (Yeah, yeah, mm)

I remember bein' a kid, I just wanted to travel (Yeah)
On my bed, writin' raps, thinkin' 'bout daddy (My daddy)
Was in my cell, writin' raps, regrettin' my actions (My actions, yeah, yeah)
Like if I make it out this shit, I'm goin' straight to Cali
It's like I know my momma loved him, but I still hate him (Oh)
Livin' life like a runaway, and it's six years later (Six years later)
I said it and, no, I don't regret it (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I just woke up in my tour bus, I don't know where I'm headed
I been out on my own since I turned eighteen
Packed my bags, hit the road, left to chase my dreams (My dreams)
Love livin' in the A when people knew me barely
Then my dream came alive, this shit got very scary (Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah)

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Date Added: 2022-08-09
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