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Suprise Suprise

[Verse 1]
Surprise, surprise
I told you lies
I thought the truth would set you free
Surprise, surprise
It isn't all as it seems
But who knew you'd wake up from your dreams
If I told you myself
I could've saved you the hell
Now look who's sorry, God, I'm so sorry
It's never the right time
I guess it's do or die

Just when you think you have got me figured out
Just when you think you know me well
Baby, you have barely even broke the ice
My river runs wide
You are not in sight
But you are closer than you were

[Verse 2]
Tonight, I'm a chameleon
And every spot's hiding my scars
But I will survive
Because I'll only let you in
When I can be sure of who you are
And you can call it a game
But it's me playing safe
And God I'm so sorry, I'm just so sorry
What can I say?
It's hard trying to stay alive


[Verse 3]
And it's in your eyes
That it's all or nothing
What I can't disguise
Is that you are on to something
I let myself go, will you still want me?
Will I be enough? The fear of that haunts me
Because what if you walk away?


Just when you think you have got me figured out
Surprise, surprise

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