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Swag OD

Oh fuck
Oh damn man
Swag OD Swag OD god damn
Swag OD Swag OD god damn

[Soulja Boy]
Damn I'm fresh
Damn I'm clean
Damn I got some J's you've never seen
Damn I'm him
Damn she her
Damn we're us
Damn I'm swagged up with 30 bitches on that shot for ya
Shawt bus shawty shawt bus shawty
50 million dollars in my mansion, I'm ballin
God damn Soulja you retarded
God damn my whole pinky ring look like a lamp from New Orleans
Swag too much swag too much
Swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag
Swag overload, Swag OD all across the globe like
I walk in the club with 30 black cars like
I'm swaggin too heavy
Lookin at my neck cause it cost 3 of your mansions


[Lil B]
Swag OD, Swag hoes on me
30 on my wrist, 10 on me
Swag on 6th, swag to the 8th
God damn we're smelling great
Swag to the leg
Bitches on deck, I'm swag on deck
Ice chain ice watch ice ice neck
Ice watch ice hoes ice ice check
Swag on that --- I swag
Swag OD swag to the 6th
Fuck with Soulja Boy, that's my bruh, that's that shit
Swag on that shit, Lil B that boy
Lil B Based God aim to destroy
Swag OD Swag OD you feel me
Swag to the 6th cause I hold 8 milli
Swag to the 10th swag to the 8th trilli
Swag to the O fuckin swag to the illy


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