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Sweet Dreams remix

Dirt all under my nails, thumbing through currency, mindset currently
Niggas don't worry me, white Panamera playin' Curren$y, pussy niggas say they wanna murda' me
Seen paper, steam haters, beam laser, cream wafers
Bread Winner Mafia fly, lotta niggas mentalize I go hard, not a dream chaser
Hide ya baker, king cakin, sliced all up on the kings table
Machine scrape ya when ya bricks bout to land
Drop it when its soft, white, cook it into tan
Standing over pots while its cooking in the pan
Looking for the grams i can put em in your hand
Face card face card nigga gotta face card
Jumping outta grey car spittin' wit a AR
Out the mud with the drugs now we got a race car
11-5 on the side I ain't take a day off
Bread Winner, guap getter hustle for the pay off
Hit the trap stay down, guess it kinda paid off
Rippin' in the paint imma bam on somthin'
You thinkin' about a slam I was talking bout a Cutlass
Got it out the mud everything push button
Nigga neva' gave nothing now I'm coming through stuntin'!
Chorus x2

Date Added: 2017-08-22
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