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Sweet James

[Chorus:] [x2]
All I want is the money
It’s all about that change
You can have a body, I just want the brain
Only time I love her, when she pay me man
Real life pimping in your face right now, bitch am Sweet James

[Verse 1:]
Huh, who the hell is your boyfriend, girl I pimp
Ain’t nothing wrong with my leg, but I limp
I am a permanent player, I ain’t no temp
Kicking ass and knees, haters I ain’t no wimp
My boys love money but I ain’t no treat
Make more than I throw from a big toe bitch
Am the real old daddy, I never run out of chips
Together I make a woman do a thousand flips
Two thousand women and four thousand hitters
Twenty thousands toes and more money to get
You got your “Ps” mixed up cause you paying the bitch
You got they living with your butchy, you ain't paying shit
She belong with me then you can take her with you
Lips, hips and fingertips, she’s gonna get to you
You think she likes you just because she kiss you
But don’t pay that ho, a next ho gonna skip you
Got to switch plan, I told her to keep that with her
Some fine tricks, followers like she on Twitter
You can pick up the pussy
Yow! We deliver
My ho standing next to wellers a blender
Three piece suit no tail leavers
Three four tennis like graphic healer
Put her in a maple, like a room in my stapler
Smell like success, bitch you should be mine
Get off your toes and get on your back
Ad build website ho, we ain’t on the track
You bitch expensive, everything from toe to head
And roll Cadillac with the fifth on the bed
I can break your back but I would much rather make her stay
Cause am in love with the brain
Four whole hands put the picture for the make a hundred grand but the bitch that squash it dead

[Chorus:] [x2]

[Verse 3:]
Yeah, bitch with no instructions
In it for self destruction
But I bet I got a set of the rich, instead of the next intersection for the connection
You know what i'm talking about?
Why? Cause I’m a pimp
Am in my whole face like an eyelash, In my head like a bluetooth
Drop it, latch it, cock and put it in the pimp side you hear?
Yeah nigga, I said blood to a bitch on the pent
You know what i'm talking about?
Purse first, ass last
You must take the chance and put your cash in the bank
Huh, these niggas ain't pimp page pia, but am live TV and they are rerun
Fuck pussy on they money, make me cum
Pit military, Imma fuck them on recon
Am gonna blind that bitch, handcuffs and ass, niggas hide that bitch
Let a ho be a ho, but let her ride that bed
But not yours homie supply that trick
But niggas in love
Niggas learn the game to get the fuck up
Instead of getting money, they rather get sucked up
We will cap that mack, gorilla pimp, make a whole head tap back
Don’t play with me ho
You got to brake yourself just to stay with me ho
I Always pay and never late with me ho
And that lovey dovey shit, that’s scared of me ho
I just love money, that’s the only way that me go

[Chorus:] [x2]

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