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Switching Lanes

[Verse 1]
Now you can check the whip appeal
Damn this nigga is ill
Gear shifting as smooth as butter
Cud in and outta lanes, undercover
Style wow, my mirror, the rearview
You could never fly by, homie I will see you
Mach 5, change terrains if need be
Thou shall never floor past
I'm all ready. I did it for you
Act on, seatbelt, released to be strapped on
Mach on, hit me when I hit a buck 50
Trying break the speed of sound
Homie can you get me
I call it moving ahead, never speed
A strip of asphalt is all I ever need
All I ever see when im switching lanes
They can hardly seeI am good I am ok
Dont worry about a boo boo
I do this all the time this is my life dude
Vroom vroom give me room fool

You can catch me
Switching lanes lanes
Switching lanes lanes
Switching lanes lanes

[Verse 2]
I am getting 'em, getting 'em
And we look at them lookin'
I bring my cool up in the back
And the top is never up on the merr cedes
Four ladies wanna go half on a baby
For anybody ready and willing
I am humbly stunting and I am currently killing
My involvement wit murder might as well begin here
And clearly will they catch on I doubt it
If they ask questions I won't know nothing about it
Being on this side of the law is a ball
Straight west coat and at the Roosevelt crew
We gon act a fool chilly chill for a minute (min-we) uh
I see some French girls baby ooo oui oui
I see you smoking oowee me and my nigga Zuli
Stick it to the script and I'll be puffin' puffin' pass
Dont break the rules and well get along fine
Roll tripping steady dipping from what's keeping us behind

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