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Tables Turn 2.0

[Intro: AbzSav & R1]
Ayy, Digga, Ayy, Digga, wake him up, wake him up, bitch
Hilzz made this
Ayy, wagwan Rose?
What you sayin' bro? How come JM ain't tryna ride back for you, broski?
I don't know, I got four bells in my head
f*ckin' hell, what about that SM virgin nank yute as well, broski?
I don't know man, he keeps rappin', but he's not ridin'
f*ckin' hell
I got four bells in my head, in OT
I went, I left London, ah
And none of my bredrins are ridin' for me, ah
[Verse 1]
TeeRose got packed in a curb (Bow)
EMan got shot and it f*ckin' burned (Grrt)
T-Elmz tripped and I done him first, but Twigzy definitely got it worse (I got him)
The way the mandem done him was vile
Triggz went swimmin' in the Tesco aisle (Augh)
One hand on thе ped, one hand on the skеng when I nearly slapped Breezo straight in his head (Boy)
R1 got down S1, right on the Wealdstone mains (f*ck their friend)
They ain't got back, they got no shame
LP got diced, shoulda met his fate (Ahaha)
Apparently these Northolt yutes are tired (How?)
Tell why three man are out here flyin' (Huh?)
Three man are out here dead (f*ck), Risky done parked right next to the feds (Ha)
And we ain't touched no one from Grove (How?)
Everyone knows that's fibs (Liars)
I was there when 9 got bun on the mains, AbzSav be takin' the piss
f*ck TeeRose's mum (f*ck her), I hope she can't stop cryin' (Bitch)
I laughed when her son was dyin' (Blap)
Flat on the floor on his face, he was lyin'
I heard S sayin' they're number 9 (Huh?), we used to send him to the shop
Jingz is dead and he's rottin' in Hell, and his sister's out here givin' out top (Bad)
When I heard that AP died, I thought he was linkin' his mother (Haha)
Risky denied his brother
EMan got shot, shoulda ducked for cover (Bop)

[Interlude 1: R1 & AbzSav]
What you tellin' me my nigga Shak?
What you sayin'? How comes that yute Ems ain't ridin' for you, broski?

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