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Talkin Shit

Yeah shit, I ain't lyin', turn me up a little bit
I don't give a fuck what these niggas think bout me
Yeah not one thing

Bitch I grew up in the jungle like i'm Tarzan
Ask me do I ever miss it, i'm like hardly
Don't get me wrong this life im living man I love it
But I gotta separate myself from fuck shit
But I keep that burner on me I ain't worried
I ain't cock it but you better not fuckin' touch me
Ain't nothin' like these other rappers, I be thuggin'
So you better watch the way that you approach me
Don't give a fuck about the fame nigga whatchu mean
Strapped up with that toolie when I pulled up on the scene
These niggas pussy and they scared man these niggas green
I ain't no hoe bet these niggas won't take shit from me

Bitch i'm turnt up off my body, thuggin' with my team
Lot of diamonds on my body, i'm just 17
I pop pills I don't smoke oh and I drink lean
I buy that shit by the pint so don't bring shit for me
I spit it off the dome, I don't run 16s
I ain't fill that 30 clip, I only put 16
Bitch you go trippin imma flip and shoot up the whole scene
Cause I don't post it, I still tote bitch don't play with me

I got it on me now yeah, I been movin' all around yeah
I'm high up off the ground yeah, niggas tryna' knock me down

Nigga when you see me do that shit you said you gone do
My niggas gone bust it, I ain't gotta put em on you
My manager with me but you know them goons with me too
Nigga I ain't goin' I feel like that it's me or you, yeah
Still screaming fuck the cops, niggas trying to knock me off, yeah
Bitch i'm headed to the top, yeah, these niggas waitin' on me to flop

Gave baby Joe a draco tell them pussy niggas lay low, bitch i'm aiming for the pesos, yeah
Gave baby Joe a draco tell that pussy keep his mouth close
When you catch make sure he don't talk no more, yeah

Niggas hungry for that bread
Catch you slippin' then you dead
Bitch it's off with yo head
That shit you put, no we don't play it

Talkin out yo top, know bitch we don't play that
Man my niggas hit yo block where you stay at
Talkin out yo top, know bitch we don't play that
Make my niggas hit yo block where you stay at

Date Added: 2017-08-30
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