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Tay Keith

(Tay Keith, what the f*ck up, nigga?)
Yeah-yeah, yeah, ooh, yeah
Shawty act surprised, say I'm loco

Uh, catch me ridin' 'round in a four-door (Four-door)
On your side of town with like four hoes (Four hoes)
Yeah, we smokin' out the bando with the foes (Foes)
Every time that we be out, they want a photo with 2KBABY
You can't be my bitch right now, it's too late, baby
You might hate me, hit her with the dick, she goin' 2K crazy
Two-way lady, we might shoot a flick, I love her best friend
She like, "Who you textin'?" I told her, "Why you stressin'? Stop pressin'"

Bitch, stay in your place, you know I'm destined, I'm wreckin'
I can't stay in my place, I learned my lesson, but peep this
I need a lil' freak bitch, one that I could teach shit
And she love to eat dick, yeah
Uh, but shawty said she want a family, I already know
I tell her, "Go get with my mans or get with the flow"

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Date Added: 2022-05-24
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