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Test My Nutz

Mayne, what da fuck these niggaz talkin bout mayne?
These weak ass niggaz.
I just got this muthafuckin MP-37 shipped from Japan on yo ass, nigga. Muthafuckin infrared beam on dat muthafucka
Automatic clips, banana clips and some mo shit muthafucka, wat u talkin bout mayne?
Shit finna get serious right about now, mayne.
Soulja Boy up in dis muthafucka, nigga
Got dis muthafuckin MP-37 shipped from Africa on yo ass, bitch
Fuck you gon do now?

[Verse 1:]
Bitch, I stepped out tha car and i'm ready for whatever
Got my muthafuckin glock and i'm aiming at yo' sweater.
When I hit you in yo head you gon drop just like a car
Aint no muthafuckin sucker so don't play me like no lollipop
Here tha Tec9, betta tighten up yo vest
If I hit you wit that cal you besta throw up yo fuckin set
Headed to tha spot wit my niggas and we smokin dro
Fuckin on yo momma in tha middle of tha studio

What tha fuck going on mayne? I got this muthafuckin ICS-MP5 A4 automatic
Shipped from muthafuckin Britain on your ass, nigga.
What da fuck going on?
Got dis muthafuckin infrared beam and tha muthafuckin red [?]
Got this muthafuckin scope, aiming at you muthafuckin throat.
Goddamn, I got this muthafuckin sniper rifle, mayne. In tha muthafuckin bushes waiting for that nigga to come outside.

[Verse 2:]
Bitch you bet not come outside or imma hit you wit that glock
Hit yo ass in yo chest im gonna make yo fuckin heart stop
Drop on tha floor, like a muthafuckin bitch, ain't no muthafuckin sucker, ain't I dun told you this?
I don't really give a fuck.
Meet me at my house.
I'm gon' come outside and punch yo bitch in yo fuckin mouth
Drop up on tha floor, and you get stomped like a fuckin ho
Na I get tha Reeboks slidin on yo head, you a ho

Mayne what tha fuck going, mayne? I got dis muthafuckin AK-20E on yo ass nigga.
Shipped from muthafuckin China
Got this muthafuckin 5.56milimeter to a 9.62milimeter on yo ass bitch
Firearm, double barrel, wit tha PHEND Unit on dat muthafucka and da scope
Wit tha infrared red, on yo head. Mayne, fuck yall niggas. WHATS UP?

[Verse 3:]
Yeah, what you gonna do?
Bitch ass nigga I got you scared
I'm gon run up on you crazy and im gon bust yo head
In da middle of road while everybody lookin
I'm gon run up on yo ass, and yo jaw get tooken
By my muthafuckin fist, i'm gon punch you just like this
POP POP POP, till you drop like a muthafuckin bitch
Youz a muthafuckin pussy ho, you smell just like some fish
I don't really give a fuck, youz a weak [sissy] ass bitch.

Fuck you gon do nigga?
I got this muthafuckin [?] MK-7.69milimeter [?] machine gun from Fruitpunch, Alabama.
Designed for MFGs from tha muthafuckin black market, bitch!
Tha side scope folds like a muthafuckin suitcase.
[?] wit extra clips and mags muthafucka
And da muthafuckin M-14 wit tha muthafuckin scope, nigga
Stankin ass nigga
Got these muthafuckin assault rifles
Muthafuckin army guns nigga
Muthafuckin navy guns nigga
Rocket launchers and shit nigga

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