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The 2012 Song

[Verse 1: Troye Sivan]
One Direction took over the world
All the boys and Harry's curly curls
And Obama's back, I guess he's a hit
Thank you, US, cause Mitt Romney's a shit
Gangnam Style took over the tubes
The London olympics were pretty huge
Drake told people You Only Live Once
Hashtag YOLO son
Carly Jepsen said call me maybe
And Justin said, that's not my…

[Hook: Troye Sivan]
In 2012, ooh in 2012
In 2012, ohh 2012

[Verse 2: Troye Sivan]
Kony please stop acting like a prick
The producer of that played with his…
Cole Sprouse joined tumblr, we said hello
But now he's just somebody that we used to know
Somebody, somebody
That dude Felix, jumped from the sky
Everyone thought, “he's gonna die.”
Swag, swag, swag on you
Personally, I started vlogging too!


[Bridge: Troye Sivan]
The world ended, we all got owned
Oh wait shit sorry, that was postponed

[Outro: Troye Sivan] x2
In 2012, ooh in 2012
In 2012, ohh 2012

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