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The Amazing Atom

You took my heart away
and with His hands we'll take it back
deceiving tongue of a serpent
you've twisted your ways
now demise is your path

Now I'm feeling
a sense of distance between who I was just yesterday
how did we slowly let dreams captivate what we thought
was our reality

I'm reaching I'm reaching!
but I can feel the earth crumble beneath me

Forget what you know , cause we are the entity
for far too long we've held your heart in our hands
so say your final goodbyes

Hold on, Girl relax
lets reminisce about the good times in a while
lets slow dance, use your imagination
I can work wonders while all them others stumble down

Girl relax, girl relax
don't front lets just be honest now
you can show me how to keep things so close
now sober down now baby
these cards we play are making us crazy
why can't we just pretend like we're alive

Feels like I'm climbing on my own
to reach the top of nothing more
If this is what you call a kingdom
then I'll build an empire to settle the score

You gave it all away for empty promises
now you'll never see the end
I could have never imagined
that you would want to throw it all away

How did we live to find out
its all come down to this now
so make a choice lets not give in until we have to

The cards that we play, it goes with believing
our rivals the same, so tell me you want to believe right now


We're dreaming of unconditional love
I'd save the grace and rebuild the place from the ground up
Cause soon enough they'll climb
but the TOP is where I'll stay

We're dreaming of unconditional love
from the top to the bottom stay till everything else fades away

We're dreaming of unconditional love
this is where we'll stay

From the top , From the top
I beat you there.

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