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The Eulogy

Brothers and sisters, we are gathered here today to celebrate in the loss of the evil and sinful person known as Blaze
Just like his soul shall be blazing in the pits of hell, his name is most adequate
Ladies and gentlemen, we are not here to be sorrowful at this point
For his death is nothing but a blessing brought from God himself so that we may rejoice and know that there is righteousness
That there are angels of vengence that will strike down upon the evil and wicked of the world
Look at his body...look at him
So eeevil!!
They say that he was rich with cash and he was a rapper
What is a rapper?
He is no more than Satan's tool
So that he can speak the voice of the devil himself
Spitting his raaaap flows
So that people can be seduced with his wicked rhymes
Well I say this you shall be deduced by demons in hell brother
You are on a one way ticket straight to where no one holy will ever set foot
You shall bake in the very pits of hell....

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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