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The Future!

Starin` at the candle
Feel the pain on me, nigga, it don`t matter
Got my currency exchanged, got my bands up
(Wheezy outta here)

I`m a ty-tycoon, that`s why they hate me
`Till they throw the sheets on me I`m goin` crazy
Got Balencis on my feet, they can`t take me
I know I ain`t gon` be deceased `til I`m like eighty
I been gettin` so damn geeked, I been prayin`
I been chinchilla sheet wherever I`m stayin`
Took that Draco on the PJ, I ain`t playin`
I ain`t goin`, no, no, street`s dangerous

Ain`t got activis, so fuck it, I had to red it
I sent hitters from everywhere, they had to dead it
You know my niggas, they bangin` the same color as spaghetti
I got my transport up and I got my Getty
I`m gettin` the passports stamped, we goin` steady
They try to cut a nigga throat off with a machete
I know my lil` bro`s gon` kick the door in and let that lead hit
I`m not an imposer so I`m tryna find an exit
They know it`s a thousand cutters hittin` off if they come for me
Uno gang, twenty-seven, they gon` gun for me
ABK gon` broad day, he go`n get it done for
I`ma big dog, they a lil` son to me

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