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The Grind

Bruh, niggas think I'm playing bout this motherfucking SODMG bruh…
The last crown nigga!

[Verse 1]
Now as I slide on my Pirelli tires bumping that Snoop Dogg between the wire
Nigga looking at my ride, trying to see oh who inside
It's that young G, don't play me nigga that SOD until they put me to sleep
Real nigga shit, putting that on my mission
A young nigga that's stacking money everyday up out his digits
Collipark like a pimp nigga don't know when I'm gon' slip
I told that K off with my hip that shit gon' rip your family will dip
In the crew, nah nigga we don't know you
I pulled up in the old school and I been fucking up the Pro Tools
That brand new mixtape gon' make them haters fix they face quick
Put a hundred million on my bracelet and I done scraped off in the grey whip
In a grey whip, about eight clips, gon' be a long trip getting paid
Young Dre that be my name and I go hard like everyday, real shit
Last crown, nigga last crown, nigga back down, in my town
I'm the one nigga I'm on fire these old rappers need to retire
I say that shit cus I mean it, real shit man I dreamed it
Made it to reality, no more technicalities
K hit your face and that shit will make a tragedy
I spit flow so rapidly, I post up bout 80 deep

A young ass nigga on the grind, all that I got is this money on my mind
They asking bout the kid tell 'em I'mma be fine
28 inches make that thing rewind, one more time

[Verse 2]
On the internet boys, they talking about the kid
They say young Soulja Boy Tell'Em is in the street making biz
Big business with them people in the business suits
We getting money everyday man salute to them troops
Shouts out to my people yeah we know we making it happen
Everyday we get that paper put that food on a platter
Man, we gon' work until this thing get better
We gon' go so hard, call me butter and clever
Call me smarter than ever I see, some people know it
I see, some people face it I see, some people blow it
Some people choose to ignore it but some people gotta face it
This shit right here is pure, going back to the basics
Taking it down, this the last crown
I put that shit on my momma two-thousand-twelve we're going down, down
Down, down two-thousand-twelve it's going down mane
Pass me the chopper I'mma load a hundred rounds mane


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