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The Juggarnaut

[Intro: Killer Mike talking]
I don't care how many fucking records you sell nigga, you know I'm better than you

[Sample from the motion picture X-Men 3]
"Don't you know who I am? I the Juggernaut bitch!"

[Verse One]
Big ass rims
Fresh ass Timbs
Came back on your monkey ass like biiim
Hit 'em like biiim, biim, biiim
Lookin' for a sucker, fucker, I am not him
Lookin' for a sucker squad we are not them
Grind Time Rap Game, bang bang bang
Leader of the gang, grip grain, switch lanes
Blow chains out the top of the blow out brain
Tampa Bay orange Tropicana with some phantom flames
Blowin' purple stank, my Cadillac is so loud it bangs
Hell yeah I know you heard when you standin' on the curb
King Kong beatin' monkey's like wadda dadda dang

Killer got the hood on smash
Schools on smash
No matter how you hate you can't whoop my ass
The cars will go fast
Vroom Vroom mash
Big 24's runnin' over your ass
"I'm the Juggernaut bitch!"
Any motherfucker that really want it can get it
I'm the nigga not to be fucked with, fucked with
I'm a motherfuckin' menace
I'm a villain with a mission
I'm the piece of shit you're stuck with
"I'm the Juggernaut bitch!"

[Verse Two]
The era of the bullshit is over
Lyrically, I will dismember and disfigure he
Who figure he ever near to me or even dear to me
Lyrically, I will abolish he
Stunningly, similar to crucifixion, what I do to suckers on the daily
With the deaf, dumb I kick shit
Even drop science in my fiction
Just in case Agent Smith listenin'
Who say the south ain't rappin', sucka nigga is you listenin'?
I am out of patience anyway
I am Doc Holliday
I'm your Huckleberry, fuckin' fairy, you can die today
Show up at the O.K. with an AK like okay
Kill your ass and beat the case like Snoop Dogg and OJ


[Verse Three]
Every line of every rhyme is a symbol to the struggle
Express through the grind
That we testify to by buying outlandish shine
Reason being that my wrist akin to a pamper full of piss
Diaper off and I'm shittin' on tracks like this
Sucka nigga play Ray you can't see Mike bitch
Any rapper get's spazzed on like I'm a kid with Tourettes
Syndrome from a bad home
My lyrics mean like a girl from the hood, PMSing with a pad on
Hell yeah I'm that bad holmes
You disagree? Even humbly, promise you get mashed on
Pummeled and beat to snot, compliments of the Juggernaut


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