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The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive

[Verse 1]
The King is dead but the Queen is alive
Off with his head I am done with his lies
A fair win I have fought for my life
A clean slate after all this time

[Verse 2]
A revolution and now I am in charge
My evolution is to shoot for the stars
His first mistake: he underestimates
He didn't bother to appreciate

So, rah rah rah!
Sis boom fucking bah!
There's a party in your honor
But you won't be there whatever, so
Three cheers for the one that got away!
You were just blah blah blah
I was oh my god
And unlike your anatomy
I'm glad I had it in me
Now The King
The King, the King
The King is dead!
But The Queen is alive

[Verse 3]
I guess the village didn't raise you right
Don't think nobody's gonna mourn you tonight
No more licks to wet your appetite
You make me sick, I didn't wanna fight

[Verse 4]
I thought we ruled the heavens and the earth
I really thought I was the only girl
Your secrets have all been revealed to me
You've been dethroned there goes your legacy!


[Verse 5]
There are consequences in this life
A punishment that fit the crime
Your last words, I heard I'm sorry
Now look at me in all my glory!

[Verse 6]
The King is dead but the Queen is alive
I wear your crown and I look quite nice
I almost let you get the best of me
But no one's ever gonna get the Queen!


But The Queen is alive!

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