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The Last Crown

[Soulja Boy: The Last Crown]
The Last Crown
S.O.D yeaah

This one right for all my niggas on the block
Got the whole hood hot
Trappin' on the back of the...

This one right here for them niggas on the block
Post it up, got the whole hood hot
Trappin' white squares at the back of the parking lot
2012, cocked back with the Glock
Long straps, swear to god I be solo
All about my dolo, sleep back like Toto
Five K's on me, man you know what it be
S.O.D Gang I'm the motherfucking G'
Riding thru my hood and niggas wanna finish me
You're not my enemy, they came to make a tragedy
Soulja Boy Tell'em I'm the motherfucking problem
Nigga tell me one thing: Whats a prophet to a God?
Gives a fuck what you heard, be up in Miami
Bad bitches on me, got them post up by the castle
Lil' Dre, AK, go back with terror tear it up
Bitch was jumping on 'em, can't get hit you for your cent up
Niggas know where I be at, sway since on kilo
Money out the deck, got them bitches going on bitch mode
Cake, cock back, hit the nigga in his earlobes
S.O.D Gang taking over, nigga, tempo
Riding thru my trap, Zone 1 to be exact tho
West Side, got them goons shoot you in your back, ho
Fucking with my niggas, you know we getting paid
Got my whole bottom teeth, gold grill all day
Put the money in your face, I'm at the VMA's
Getting so much money, Soulja Boy across the states
Pussy ass nigga thought this shit was going down
Till' I pulled up to the trap and heard the Yokohama sound
2012 Bentley, I'm aiming at my enemies
Pussy nigga talking about, don't kill me, confuse me
I don't give a fuck, bitch-nigga I'm never scared
Bitch I'm in the (?), I put the money on your head
S.O.D.M.G man, that's the fucking move
Shouts-out to my niggas, yeah, I'm repping the whole crew
Post up, bitch like a motherfucking cane
Twelve chains on my neck, Soulja Boy (?)
Pussy ass niggas, know that I'm the problem
Came out the water like a mothefucking dolphin
Gold grill, shawty, mane get these haters off me
A million dollars in cash in one day, bitch I'm awesome
Soulja Boy Tell'em, your girl gave me an awesome jaw-some
Pull up to the trap, wheels look like Wheel Of Fortune
Bitch, I'm not a (?) but I know the future
AK-47, love them, like computers
Pussy niggas hating on the boy from a distance
AK-47 leave his whole family missing
K round like on Rambo
Post it in the trap, with the motherfucking animals
This the damn last crown
S.O.D.M.G, 2012 is going down, I put that on god
Sip the lean then I go Slow-Mo
I post up so Slow-Mo, nigga fuck riding (?)
Lil' Dre my name, I gives a fuck what you heard
Pull up to the trap and you know I'm flipping birds
2012 metallic paint on that new Bentley
Fuck what you heard, I'm the trapper of the century

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