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The Law

Who'd ever thought that we'd make out of the ghetto dreaming
Being light-skin when your momma puerto rican
I went to see the voodoo priest while dealing cocaine
Seeking protection from my foes know they always scheming
Santorini beads on my neck labelled the heathen
Point blank range hot led burnt brains
Closed casket facetime jokes turnt strange tried to be away tired of being played Took my talent down to South Beach
But I couldn’t stay
Rumored that I signed a deal with Wayne
I was in the game
Held my weight every time I came, ask Mack Maine
Me and Bird communicate about the penitentiary hard to deal with pussy niggas i got two convictions everything i say the truth music to convincing rest in peace to (name) ball like rodney vincent going days without eating bellair had me skinny relationship with time and rail bunch of niggas envy some say he ain't as portrayed i be seeing different v 6 supercharged under key ignition lowkey windows tented chilling with my bitches look I'm having second thoughts of who really with me cold game cold heart this a cold sport people say im chosen dont know what im chose for graduatuated from the form my name emancipated court cases expired statue of limitations type of shit that get high somewhat invigorating get it in 10 to 10 when i get to craving eat the plate with the utensil then begin the scraping no expectation for you rappers im a gucci maine yellow vet me and leto bumping gucci maine start track power it up back to the future beat me up think you fly make uh niggah shoot ya seen alot of shit that never happened in the movies front page news paper game feeling foolish slow nights catching sales like we going fishing snow white on the scale break them down to nickels hustle in my pedigree they scared of my potential vicky momma kitchen steady messing up her dishes her brother never liked me he said he better not catch me slipping but he dont know I step on shit I'm really bout my business hashtag gunna gang big ol pistol rip ya sitting with the misses meant to say my mistress

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