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The Lorax

U don`k know me but my name is Sai
I`m just the O`hare delivery guy
But ut seems our trees my be worth a try
So I say let it grow

My name is Dan and my name is Rose
Our son Wesley kinda of glows
And that`s not good so we suppos
We should let it grow

Let it grow let it grow
U can`t reap what u don`t saw
Plant a seed inside the earth just one way to know it`s worth
Let`s celebrate the world rebirth
We say let it grow

My name is Marie and I am tree
I would really like to see a tree
La la la la la la li
I say let it grow

I`m granie Norma
I`m old and I got grey hair
But I remember when trees where every where
And no one had to pay for air
So I say let it grow

Let it grow let it grow
Like it did so long ago
It`s just one tiny seed
But it`s all we really need
It`s time to change the life we live
Time to let it grow

My name is O`hare
I`m one of u
I live here in Thneedville too
The things u said just might be truth
It could be time to start a new
And maybe I change my point of viewww
Naaaah I say let it die

Let it die let it die let it

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