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The Magic Rebirth

Bury your hopes with himNobody and nothing can rejoice meexcept the world of pretence.The god doesn't deserve my sacrificeand his image must not betransfigured in divinityLet me make experience of merelish the horror of a bloodshedfeel an instinctive pleasure beforewhat commonly stirs up disgust.And then I could approachfollowing existencesdisembowel the unconsciousExpress my verity, hidden or deniedthat will appear like a blind enigma to youAnd I will find childlike purity againamorality that hurt the false mindsI will essay the elementary pulsationsthose you have secluded in dreamsOr destroyed with a symbolic castrationI prepare my magic deathI enter the reign of imaginationI enter the thunder's memoryand my body revives, my spirit is in peacemy heart is ready, my essence plunges into warm earthand my mind blends with the cosmic energy.We all raise with the sunand we'll return to deathlike a drop of rain towards the wide ocean.I've dreamt a winged snakeeating its own tail, encircling the earthAnd a mountain of crystalbearing the child of an old witch who died confessing her sinsI woke up and I looked at myself in the black mirrorand I felt a new magic strengthenliven the blood time had frozen in my veins.Now I follow my religion and the brightness of my mindSince now I reviveI honour and respect the choices I madeI don't let silence dominate my heartI don't let fear suffocate my shout.May the queen have new desiresthat come true with the heat of fireI close my circle lightning the candles of starsI celebrate my rebirth
Cadaveria The Magic Rebirth

Date Added: 2007-12-25
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