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The NYC Freestyle

Some MC's only want to freestyle
What they need to do is organize their thoughts
Them organized heads are bullshittin'
Just because it ain't all that on paper, they act like it ain't written
Spittin' lyrics while they sittin' in my backseat
Forgot that I was at the cipher they said it at last week
He practiced to the beat
That he had me play on my house stereo
Hopin' to get in the blouse of every hoe
I got doubts I just can't bury yo
What's the reality
You ain't sharp and witty kid it ain't your personality
The verse and technicality
You're trying to look blind
Dispersing analogies, I know it took time
Let me check your book of rhymes
Crooks commit crimes, writers write!
Don't be ashamed you had to stay up by your lamplight all night
Just to
Sound alright
Just to
Come correct
Just to get some respect from people who ain't heard it done yet
I ain't one to sweat what you call "off the dome"
Cause I know that yesterday you said it over the phone
To your peoples back home
Every freestyle that you do I find your crew
Lip syncing all the words right behind you
Yelling all the punchlines and back ups
Them wack fucks probably wrote half them shits cause your rap sucks
Maybe it's them I should be dealing with
But you're the one getting props and I'm not feeling it
The only thing that's really coming off the top of your head; is dandruff
Man if I ever hear what you said, one more time
I'll grab the mic and finish your rhyme
Acting like I'm a psychic as I shine, cracker shine
99.9% of the time
Freestyle rhymes are cut and paste rehearsed lines
A frontin' MC is the worst kind
Most have forgot that he wrote that shit last night
That's right!
Prepared freestyles
He must of forgot that he wrote that shit last night
That's right
This is Sage Francis don't you never forget
T.S.S., tss, tss, Secret Service respect
A.O.I. Artificial Intelligence, check it
Don't ever say it's a freestyle just because it ain't on record
Don't ever say it's a freestyle just because it ain't on record

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