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This Is Not A DIs Freestyle

Yeah yeah, It's like this
I'm representing TSS
This is secret service
Yes yes
Check this

No word double i
You could never adapt to my habitat
With a third eye that's got a cataract
And a blurs mind that thing's if you have a gat
You automatically have superb rhymes
Kick to the curb when I'm kicking a battle rap
Land is what you are riding a Cadillac
Lying about being a star (huh) is that a fact
I've got my name on my credit card like Darryl Mack
But rhymes about a car, money,or power is whack
With the yah yah, sha clack clack
Something just ain't right about a cracker asking where his niggas at
Saul Williams had all civilians think that ish was phat
Leaping tall buildings for small children still missing [?]
Find them and bring em back
Rewind it and sing it black
If it was up to me your whole CD would be a hidden track
Cause you're from knowing jack
They're like a poetry like Kerouac
You can't shoot me down you're out of ammo want your arrow back
You don't have no back
So don't front like when you're [?] attack
I keep involved like a DJ Shadow track
Cut you up like a poor man's sample
My men here will trample and then will stand still
Before we drop rhymes like an anvil
Too hot to handle too cold to grip
Plus what you say is rubbish so why you holding it
Trust that you'll get punished
The microphone I grip will bust in your face from some ish
You've got a swollen lip
I've been know to flip and be wild since the days I was breastfed
Till I'm old and sick and senile and laying in my deathbed
With a broken hip, no teeth from my smile while my chest bled
I freestyle about being left for dead
Now I'm one breath ahead
My last words will rhyme with my first one
To sum up my existence through hip hop with a verse son
I curse some it might sound like I'm from the worst slum
My mind is in tune with time and my heart beat is the Earth's drum

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