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The Pharmacy Freestyle

It’s been a long time, but that shit don’t matter
Bout to make this shit pop off, like fish fry batter
L spit daggers, this the new Mick Jagger
Career body-bagger, the platinum flow toe-tagger
Niggas see my puzzle wondering am I the best
That ever did it if he is when will he spit it
Hot are wicked, like a wicked witch
History in the making, motherfucker come and get it
Never in your motherfucking life has a nigga been close to the GOAT on this mic, damn right
Skills are nice, give a fuck about your bitches, I've had 'em my whole life
Shorty you'll be alright
Centrifugal forces, nauseous in porsches
Spits only in portraits, apples in the orchards
It's too easy, I do this shit for show
So GOAT can't live without my Beats 1 Radio

Date Added: 2017-08-21
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