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The Thug Song ft. Skizz

Rappers be like new whips, two chains, big house, more fame
Money, power, cash, hoes, dripping swag and puffing dro
And I'm just like, "Can I get some gas and a burrito bowl?"
Cash to pay that extra price to add some fucking guacomo--

In it I admit it I ain't rich but I've been chilling
Easy living, riding shotty in my Honda Civic
I'm balling on a budget I've been thugging using benefits
Trigger happy niggas playing too much Sega Genesis

Like Lemmings we follow the crowd
Reciting lines more recycled than merry-go-rounds, like
The beat is sick, but when I spit, I give it laryngitis
And when I talk, these women flock, I call them Gallimimus
I just kind of wish that I could say that I hang with a gang
Claimed that I'm strapped with an A.K. that goes bangity-bang-bang

Slang bricks full of chronic and quality cocaine
But I'm shamed to say I got the brain of a nerdy asian kid
The fuck am I supposed to rap about?
I hate math and Adderall is the one thing that can calm me down - Damn
Assume Illuminati is involved I heard there's like a number you can call
I would tell 'em, yo...

I just want to be a thug
Throw my hands up in the air and shoot a gun
But I'm not really cool
I just do what I do, cause
I just want to be a thug
On my own, here we go

I'm a black and white american
A halfrican american
A shade that baffles scholars on the roots of family heritage
Too black to get a skin tan, too white to not want it
Too black to not start sweating when I see police coming
I'm on the brink of a sabbatical breaking free from the casual
Finding my inner chi releasing a spirit animal

No fuck that cus peaceful niggas always be getting shot at
So here out I'm gonna bust rounds like I'm gunning for money and glory
There's always one kid telling girls he's a thug
How he's squeezing on them pieces and selling them drugs
We went to the same school, why you trying to be tough
You ain't a baller yous a bitch, what you need is a hug

So let them ignore me
Never believe in my story
Women will never adore me
Hardly in with all Hollywood cool crowds - too hyper, normal and corny
Damn, could use a couple lessons in my swag but maybe kids won't think I'm such a f---fake


Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hating
Just a little bit bitter I can't talk about bad bitches and liquor
I'm not the type of dude that can rhyme nigga with nigga
I barely remember roots and I was never into Swishers
I'm so hippocratical
A vegan and a cannibal
Scalene and equilateral
My brain just told me I should probably calm down and try to answer the question
"Do you really like rap, or just crave the attention?"
I said...

[Chorus x2]

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