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The Troubadour

The yellow fields of Hungary were beautiful to see
I thank them for discovering my sunflower allergy
Spent the night in an empty cabin in the Finnish heath
Was welcome, but I needed bug-spray even on my teeth

When I arrived in Athens, I called on my first flame
The Lady's married, got three kids and doesn't know my name
Every Frenchman knows the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, too
But I couldn't get directions to the new George-Pompidou

I'm a Troubadour at a Taxistand looking for the perfect home
I wanna find that Never-Never Land
No matter where I have to roam
From Marseilles up to Mailand via Moskau to Stockholm
I'm gonna find that Never-Never Land
No matter where I have to roam

The white wine was so wonderful, I drank it frequently
That's all I can remember from my trip to Italy
While crossing into Switzerland; a tragic felony:
The customs caught me smuggling a can of Ravioli - ee

I'm a Troubadour looking for
That Never-Never Land

From Marseilles up to Mailand
I Didn't find it
Now it's time to get back home

From Darmstadt up to Dublin via London, Prag to Rome
Now I know that Never-Never Land
Is the place I call my home

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