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The Vision

[Intro: Anderson .Paak]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

[Chorus: Anderson .Paak]
Candy drop on big rims (Big rims)
That go perfect with it (With it)
Double G on lenses (Lenses)
Help me see the vision (Vision)
Seven ray of women (Bitches)
That go perfect with it (With it)
Me, a legend livin' (I'm with it)
Bitch, don't you forget it (Forget it)
What I said, I meant it (I meant it)
I don't like repeatin' (Uh)
Good life in the times (Uh)
Got no zippers [?] (I get it)
What I said, I meant it (I meant it)
What I said, I did it (I did it)
Pulled the map, the trenches (Uh-huh)
Now they got the vision
[Verse: Maxo Kream & Anderson .Paak]
It's the Maxo big, he pop it, Cartier, Versace
Gucci on my body, diamonds flash like paparazzi
Neck and wrist ballin' in the mix like kamikaze
[?], I got Polo on my body
Might pull out Huaraches, lace up, 5's Jordans
Ten toes like some sandals, these some Forces
Eighty-fours rollin'
Seven livin', rollin'
We don't play poker but in Texas we still holdin' (Mane)
Chuckin' deuces out the roof and drop a deuce in Morning Dew
I'm flossin' like a snake or two

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Date Added: 2022-07-25
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