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They Want My Money

(Thug talkin to a Bitch)(Chorus) & [Mac] 2xBitches want my moneyThey want my timeAll they gonna getIs a dick up in they mouthBitches want my moneyThey want my time[she only want the finer things]All they gonna getIs a dick up in they mouth(C-Murder)Now to all y'all gold-diggin' bitchesTryin to f**k a nigga cause a nigga got richesDollar signs, yeah I see 'em in your eyesEverything up out your mouth is a muthaf**kin' lieU's just like a black cat when I see you in my pathI get bad luck girl, you know you're down, badYou say you want a Rolex, wan' brake a nigga offCause when I get the pussy I'ma leave you in the mallYou think you're in love but you're in love with my moneyIf I didn't have a dollar, bitch you wouldn't holler[They Want My Money lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]So meet me at the 'tele, let me see what you're aboutCause all you gon' get is some dick up in your mouthYou dig...(Chorus) 2x(Mia X)First of, I can never have your dick in my mouthYou need tweezers just to pull the little f**ker outC you 'bout stuntin for them niggas when you know you get your sweat onDown to put your face in my pussy, I call you 'tampon'Crab on my style, call me up all dayBut 5 minutes, so whatTo watch you pre-ejaculate, you talk the tit's are fakeYet you tryin to act bad F**k around and get a mouth full of pubic hairsGimme the face cash, I ain't tryin to spend no timeYou can kick it with your mama, I just want the dollarsMia X's be makin show you niggas cum correctI want it all from store money to the SSI checks(Chorus) 2x

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