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Things Behind the Sun

Please beware of them that stare
They'll only smile to see you while
Your time away

When you've seen what they have been
To win the earth just won't seem worth
Your night or your day
Who'll hear what I say?

Look around you'll find the ground
Is not so far from where you are
But don't be too wise

For down below they never grow
They're always tired and charms are hired
From out of their eyes
It's no surprise

Take your time and you'll be fine
And say a prayer for people there
Who live on the floor

And if you see what's meant to be
Don't name the day or try to say
It happened before

Don't be shy you learn to fly
And see the sun when day is done
If only you see

Just what you are beneath a star
That came to stay one rainy day
In autumn for free
Yes, be what you'll be

Open up the broken cup
Let goodly sin and sunshine in
Yes that's today

And open wide the hymns you hide
You find renown while people frown
At things that you say
But say what you'll say

About the farmers and the fun
And the things behind the sun
And the people in your head
Who say everything's been said
And the movement in your brain
Sends you out into the rain

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