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Thinking of You

[Verse 1:]
As I sit looking out the window
I can still remember
They call me to tell me
You went away
It was such a cold day

On a Sunday morning
It came without a warning
And all the pain I felt inside
I just can't forget you

I'm feeling so alone
Though many times I've tried
I can't get you off my mind

I'm thinking of you
Wonder where you are tonight
I wish that I could hold you tight
I'm thinking of you
Wish you could stay
But you're so far away
So far away

[Verse 2:]
And even though you're gone
I know you're happy where you are
I know someday
We'll be together together again

[Repeat Hook:]

[Repeat Chorus:]

I know someday I'll hold you again
You and me together again
But until that day
I'm thinking of you

[Repeat Chorus x2:]

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