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This Decay

Someday, my time will come
You can drag me away from this decay
And I'll follow you

Alone, but not afraid
I'll hide away from every day
Just to see the night

And when the lid is put down tight
I'll drive the nail in one more time
I'll go to any length to say

And when the world shuts its eyes
Something inside me comes alive
I live to see the look inside your eyes

And when the music starts to play
I'll drift away and escape
I loath the stupid things that you say

Unseen, but not at home
I've seen it all before
And it makes me sick

On time, and right on cue
They'll stand in line for miles
Just to see you smile

And when the evening becomes night
I'll take it all as sacrifice
I'll go to any length to say

And when the crowd begins to sway
The deadly hunter sees its prey
The feel of fragile souls in my hands

And when the night is complete
The lonely souls begin to weep
The pools of crimson filling in your eyes

Take me away from this decay

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