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This Is How We Play

Unprecedented Dogg Pound Gang
Haha (gang)
DPG (Take em back to the athems homie)

[Verse 1]
Aight, Just hit the liquor store on my reap, (on my reap)
On my lap there’s a chrome, desert inc (desert inc)
Am bout to meet up with the homies at the park
To round up the boxes, the marks and shack parts
One of the homies try’na throw a quick fade up
Like I’m the busta try’na see what I’m made of
So I stepped in the circle and I holla’d out
What’s up nigga and socked a nigga in tha mouth
This is what it’s all about after the rack up
Nigga load the mac up
This is how the DP act up
Banging stay at them riding on all at them
A little bit a act right will make them act right
Throw up the set up like nigga what the set like
You on live once nigga, homie on the set life
Too short, a new port and some wet wipes
All these nigga down like bogs
All these down like frauds
Nigga what you wanna do
Bang do the damn thing
Or do you wanna get banged on let’s ride nigga
Where I’m from you gotta to pick a side nigga
Or get domed make and ya mama cry nigga
When you talk to me look me in ma eye nigga
Kurupt, jazz, nate, snoop, supa fly nigga
Just an ounce away from a new 6 duce
Do anything I want nigga a hundred proof
I got birds on the top of ma mama’s roof
Take off one a ya homies sock, when they lookin it’s poof
I’m a rebel, one times I’da shoot
Before the ask me anything like about they do
They got questions they wanna know why I’m with Snoop
A nigga Dogg pound a pack it ain't grant blue
Now what the fuck am I to do
They hit ma mommy talkin bout is it true
Ya little boy runing with gang
We know it’s hood name in tha game that he playin (that he playin)
Now my mama all worried yelling at me on the phone
Talkin bout I need to get there in a hurry (in a hurry)
Another day in LA, to the beats...

This is how we play, (x5 )

[Verse 2]
It’s just anotha day on the streets fool
It ain't that much for a jeep dude
Grab me a quarter and some drank
Me and all the homies just living like you ain't (and you can’t)
Back up fuckas ain't allowed here
Nigga we ain't try’na attract a crowd here
The ones all hot by the spot
They ain't reinstated crack try’na find a fly stash (fly stash)
Nigga rocks ain't poppin luke
We got that meth makin money of them white folks
We in it to win it and get paid
The little homies 14 rollin in escalades
We gotta keep the hood in order
Some of the homies got rich off water
On the soil, on the turf what it is all it’s worth
Today’s our hood day, the greatest hood’s birth
These are the days of the YGs
Ain't no more punk’n niggas in they 13
You in 4s we on that Sammy Davis shit
OGs now we on them Harley Davidsons
Another day in LA, to the beats..


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